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Pilgrim Road Blog Photo

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pray, Trust, Believe

Dear friends,

What to do on a rugged stretch of land?  How easy, to lie down...to close the eyes to sleep too long and turn on the radio to distract.  To try to pretend there is no knot in the core, or troubling unbelief.  These trying times, these testing times, they make us, but it feels like breaking.

Pray, trust, believe.  This is the real work of the pilgrim.  In the making of the chicken stir fry, in the shooting hoops with youngest son, in the buying uniform pants at Target for precious, hurting daughter...in all the everyday, necessary operations of living, the real work in them is knowing God in them.

So much to do in the coming 7 days, pondering them here on the first day of the week.  But the Master says "Only one thing is needful..."  Lord, that I might have GRACE to choose the only needful thing.  Three in one, really.  Pray, trust, believe.

Some thoughts for these coming 7:  We cannot control another person.  The world sets its' pace, but we set ours.  Jesus is a whisper away.  I can default to fear, or purpose to believe and hope.  Worship comes easier when the mind is off self (like when cleaning a cabinet or hanging sheets on the line).   Rugged stretches make for strong legs.  There is more, so much more to these days than meets the eye.

Have a beautiful 7 days, no matter the terrain.  I tell you, but mostly I tell myself:  practice the trinity...pray, trust, believe.

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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