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Pilgrim Road Blog Photo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Musings

Dear friends,
Don't miss October.  With all the distractions and vicissitudes of life, please don't miss it.  I asked the Great One not to let ME miss it.  This little ditty combines some of my childhood memories and my current observations.  Hope it makes you smell the dry leaves and feel the nippy wind.  Get outside!  Embrace it before it's gone...

 Sweet October
In October I am five, crunching cross' the sidewalks
Pulling up my itchy, wrinkled tights
Mary janes are scuffed from skipping round and round the block
Spitting out the skins from apple bites

In October I love wind, blowing way' my sorrow
Pumpkins smile despite their pending doom
Library smells of chestnuts and the books I'll borrow
Swoosh of leaves succumbing to the broom
In October strength is givn' for November's losses
Hearts can store up all that's warm and gold
The axis of the Earth is daylight's restless posse
Chlorophyll's auctioneer barks finally "Sold!"
In October tea tastes better, pies' a wonder
Perfection's found in street boys' football spirals
Brides and grooms forbid to ever "put asunder"
Microbes fear the latest anti virals

Hear October! I am grown, but still I crunch
Cross' the sidewalk, through the spunky breeze
In the sorrows, in the sweetness, in the autumn
My hope clings brilliant, like the maple trees

Your friend on the pilgrim road,


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